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Following recent post comparing package module concept supported by other languages I took an opportunity to gather my thoughts and write own vision of syntax for that concept in PHP.

Currently in PHP package term is used only by Composer - tool for dependency management - the only thing about such use is that the package itself is a virtual thing living only for dependency management and has no meaning at runtime.

In languages like: Python, Java, Rust; module has name which is also a part of symbol path name used to resolve specific module symbols.

Module identity.

Looking at given other language examples can observe that part of import/use declaration uses module name as a prefix. This doesn’t happen in PHP cause namespaces are thin object prefixes to do that extracting package from use declaration is needed and cannot be done without providing an additional FQN delimiter which splits module / package name from symbol name while resolving symbol names and additional package declaration in each file consisting with proper package name.

Using package declaration in source file could give parser desired package name and symbol name, for eg.:

package Foo;
class Bar {}
const FOO_BAR = 1;
function foo(Bar $bar) {}

Looking for proper delimiter a : could be a good example for that. For eg.:

use Foo:Bar;
use const Foo:FOO_BAR;
use function Foo:foo;

$bar = new Bar();
echo FOO_BAR;

This concept is nearly compatible with current PHP syntax and provides no breaking change. There could be an issue when trying to use group use syntax simply looks weird.

use Foo: { Bar, Baz };

Other concept could follow Python semantics:

from Foo use Bar;
from Foo use const FOO_BAR;
from Foo use function foo;

$bar = new Bar();
echo FOO_BAR;

Going further might wanna try with grouping from statement, for eg.:

from Foo {
    use Bar;
    use const FOO_BAR;
    use function foo;

$bar = new Bar();
echo FOO_BAR;

Although using from keyword to indicate package to reflect on looks pretty neat we still have an issue when trying to resolve FQN name without explicit use clause.

$bar = new Foo:Bar();
echo Foo:FOO_BAR;

This is the case where a : delimiter may help and this is already considered syntax error so won’t break already existing code.


When looking for proper package syntax in use this looks quite easy to achieve. The issue could be in a way of declaring package either it would be through a specified language construct like in Python or Java or by sort of a separate configuration file like in Rust

IMHO it has very big potential and proposes almost non-invasive transformation way.

Packages in programming languages

August 12, 2019
Condensed description about what are packages in programming languages
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